Midland Waterjet: Precision Waterjet Machining in Midland and Odessa, TX

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Security State Bank
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Security State

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Midland Waterjet is here for you! We are available 24/7 to get you what you need.

As our name implies, Midland Waterjet are waterjet professionals. We specialize in waterjet technology and are experts at utilizing it's capabilities.

Midland Waterjet is the only precision waterjet machine shop in West Texas. Our two waterjet machines can cut virtually any material and any thickness, taper free with precision of +/-.004” or better. Our largest table capacity is 80" x 160"

Midland Waterjet has the largest capacity in the area which guarantees fast delivery.

We have more experience than anyone else in the region and have fabricated an amazing variety of materials for hundreds of clients across seven states. To see a sample of the extensive variety of our work please check out our portfolio page.

Phone:     (432) 561-5600
Fax          (432) 561-5620
email:       bob@midlandwaterjet.com

We are located at:

10100 Pilot Ave  (formerly WCR 116)
Midland,TX 79711

In the airport area East of 1788.
Near the KMID TV 2 studio. (see "contact us" tab for map)